Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New beginnings

Spring is all about renewal and new beginnings.  It's the time of year when seedlings sprout, new leaves are made, and birds return from their winter getaways to start new families.  This fresh start feeling is felt by us.  Chances are many of you are starting seeds indoors, eying a new summer wardrobe, opening up the windows and doing spring cleaning.

Every spring feels like a fresh start to me.  Many people make their New Year's resolutions in January, but for me, the springtime feels like a much more appropriate time for this.  If one of your resolutions is to get fitter, don't you think that's easier to accomplish when you're just dying to get outside for a run or a bike ride on those first warm sunny days, rather than trying to trudge your way to the gym in the dead of winter?

I'm full of energy, enthusiasm, excitement and hope.  I shake off the cobwebs from a winter of hibernation, get outside, and go exploring.  I fill with anticipation, anxiously awaiting the summer, like a kid waiting for Christmas morning.  My head is swimming with summer daydreams of sandals, sundresses, beaches, roadside fruit stands.  I can't wait for meadows to be in full bloom, abuzz with butterflies, bees, and insects of all kinds.  Soon I will be hearing choruses of spring peepers, american toads, and grey treefrogs.  I can't wait to happen upon snakes sunning themselves on hiking trails.  The birds are already singing the praises of sunshine and April showers.  Yes folks, spring is here, and it's time for a fresh start.

I have another blog, a food blog, and I used to be quite dedicated to it.  My vagabond lifestyle and other poor excuses have kept me from my food blog lately.  While I have no intention of abandoning my other blog, this year I feel it's time for something new. This spring I've decided is the perfect time to start what I ought to have started a long time ago: a nature blog.  I am, after all, an ecologist.  And what a perfect time to start a Canadian nature blog than springtime - this is when all the action starts. This blog will be where I share with you my adventures in nature, and the creatures I encounter along the way.

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